Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our "After Life" Kickstarter Backers

There's no doubt that without the following people, After Life could not have come to pass. The cast and crew would like to thank:

Aaron Wlaschin
Aimee Micek
Alayne Hopkins and Catherine Justice
Andrew & Corinna Troth
Ann McGinn
Ann Sunblad
April & Mike Hansen
Bill and Jenny Zimmermann
Christian Hangen
Claudia I. Haas
Cory Bowers
David Chen
Diana Wilde
George M. Calger
Jeff Musch
Jerelyne Nemanich
Jim Elert
Joe & Stacey Hendren
Julie Bohn
Kathy Houle
Karen & Tom Rietz
Karen Rudesill
Kari Kjeldseth and Forest Godfrey
Kari Steinbach
Marc G
Matt Steinrueck
Nancy & Matthew Hertz
Melody Shores
Hertzey (Sarah) Hertz
Shaldon Berndt
Susan Springer
Thomas Houle
Tom Draeger
Wes Dunser
William Sikorski

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