Monday, January 27, 2014

"Reagan the Second" finishes run at Raucous Caucus IV, voted audience favorite

Andrew Thews ("Reince Priebus"), Bethany Simmons ("Dr. Rand"), Glen Stone ("Ronald Reagan"), Dante Pirtle ("Barack Obama")

Reagan the Second has finished its run of six performances as part of Box Wine Theatre's 10-minute political play festival, Raucous Caucus IV, and what a run it was! Kevin assembled a cast that was, in my opinion, absolutely perfect. It was really a treat for me to see the enthusiasm and talent that Andrew, Bethany, Dante, and Glen brought to their roles.

We were also informed that Reagan the Second was voted the audience favorite of Raucous Caucus IV. I'm incredibly pleased that audiences responded so well to the show because Kevin and the cast worked hard, and within a short timeframe, to elevate my silly little script and produce a tight, funny show.

Glen's Reagan wig sure helped a lot too. It was a thing a beauty.

And now more pics! See you for the next show!

- Brandon

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