Monday, June 10, 2013

48 Hours

That's what those of us at The Theatre Cosmic were exclaiming as we watched the donations roll in. In less than 48 hours we met our $600 goal. I speak for everyone our our project when I say thank you so much for taking a chance on us and helping to make our production even better. 
Because we've met our goal, and we still have 25 days to go, we are looking into additional reward levels. Just because we've met our goal doesn't mean this campaign is done - far from it. Every single dollar that we raise is going right into making this show the best it can be. Food and drink for our cast, our makeup needs, costumes, transportation - these are all of the types of costs that add up quickly over time. We are also looking at hiring a videographer to record the show, which will mean paying them a stipend, but if we're able to do this, we will be able to offer the video to our backers as a reward!
So please share the link to our project with your family and friends and keep an eye out for further updates as we add more reward levels to the show!

Meanwhile, take a look at pictures from our table read last Friday, June 7th! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Table Read - 6.7.13

Max Lorei ("David"/"Volunteer") and George Calger ("Patrick Stewart")

Last night the cast and crew of STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR WITH PATRICK STEWART came together for our first full table read, though it was the second time Kevin and I have heard the script read aloud. The table read we had a few weeks ago was more of an informal affair as our primary goal was to take some photos for our promotional materials but it helped us get a better grasp of the show's current runtime. 

L to R: Andrew Thews ("Jake"), Brandon Caviness ("Daniel Jimmies") and Phillip Schramm ("Neil")
This time around we had the entire cast and crew come together at the home of Brandon Caviness, one of our leads. Alyssha, the wonderful actress who plays our sci-fi convention organizer Theresa, wasn't able to join us in person but still connected with us over Skype! Aside from a little hiccup at first, this worked much better than we expected.

L to R: Karen Hokenson (Stage Manager), Alyssha Rose Jordan ("Theresa", via Skype!) and Camille Smith ("Debbie"/"Convention Guest")
Being able to hear our cast read my script is an amazing experience. This is only our second read-through of the material and they are well on their way to having this eclectic group of characters nailed down, and we haven't even started rehearsals yet! I mean it with all sincerity when I say each and every person on our cast is so incredibly talented that it boggles my mind. Try as I may to fall into my natural state of pessimism and self-doubt, working with this cast, with our stage manager Karen and our director Kevin has proven this to be an increasingly difficult task.

Joel Thingvall ("Doctor Who") and Andrew Thews ("Jake")
We did learn that the show is still running a few minutes long - currently around 65 minutes. The Fringe Festival is firm on their 60 minute time limit, and with good reason. I still have work to do on streamlining our stageplay to fit within the time limit. As painful as that is, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed after we ran over last night, this will only make our show stronger.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What a Kick!

We're more than thrilled with the generosity and support for our Kickstarter campaign! After just two days, we're only $50 away from meeting our initial goal. And that means we'll be able to take advantage of added resources to improve the quality of the production process and the show itself.

The campaign still has 28 days to go, and every additional donation will be just as appreciated. Brandon may add even more rewards for those who pledge even after we meet our goal. And please remember that we have a $1 minimum pledge and are grateful for each and every donated dollar.

Thank you so much for the support!